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Floor Plan

Every dealer, franchise and independent alike, need capital to purchase inventory. Historically, the argument against floor plans is they are expensive and confusing. TRG decided to offer a more affordable and simpler plan.  Dealers pay one fee upfront at the time of purchase. The dealer then has 75 days to sell the vehicle or pay off the balance. If the vehicle does not sell within the 75 days, the dealer has the option to extend for 30 days.  This extension requires an extension fee and curtailment. The dealer can extend up to three times. There are no other fees; no interest, audit fee, or close fee.

Payment Stream Program

The buy-here pay-here business is capital intensive.  Many dealers sell their notes when they need capital. However, bulk sales are expensive.  Payment streams are a more affordable, short-term solution. Instead of selling the entire note dealers sell payments.  TRG will buy payments in groups of 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 months and offers a variety of servicing and payment options to meet the needs of the dealer.

Revenue Builder Program

How often have you tried to place a relatively good customer in a relatively good car and find it’s hard to make any money.  Some dealers will finance these customers in house.  However, do you have the money or time to build a Buy Here Pay Here portfolio?  If not, Revenue Builder is the answer.  This is not a credit driven program.  In fact we do not consider credit.  The approval guidelines are relatively simple.  The customer must make a minimum of $1,500 net income per month, make a down payment of a minimum of $1,000, we consider cars up to 12 years old and trucks/SUVs up to 15 years old, and there are no mileage restrictions.  Please contact us for more details.


The used car business is labor intensive.  Let TRG Auto Finance help make your business more efficient.  With a servicing partner you can reduce or even eliminate the costs associated with managing your portfolio.  We provide first-rate tools, products and services to efficiently manage customer payments.  With experienced knowledgeable customer service staff, weekly reporting, multiple payment options, and much more, dealers and customers alike can rest assured they are working with a company focused on protecting their interests.  TRG offers servicing for both existing and new contracts so you can use our services to manage your entire portfolio or a specific group.  Without the distractions of customer service you can focus your attention on sales and growing your business.  Call TRG Auto Finance today for details regarding our portfolio servicing.

Partners & Associations

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