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TRG Auto Finance...

. . . provides both capital financing and servicing programs directly to independent auto dealers in the southeast region of the United States. TRG prides itself on providing personalized dealer services and we treat all our dealers big and small with the same level of care and respect. Every dealer is in a different phase of their business and we have products that meet you where you are. This includes quick funding turnaround times, clear and concise program guidelines with no backend surprises, and a very responsive bilingual (Spanish/English) staff with decades of industry experience.

TRG can provide you capital from the beginning (inventory purchasing) to customer loan payoff or any piece in between. Other companies give you a hard time when trying to sell your accounts Bulk by withholding account information or refusing to communicate quickly and effectively with outside lenders. We have great relationships with several Bulk Buyers so instead of slowing down your purchases we provide timely and accurate data to those seeking to purchase your accounts. TRG maintained industry leading low delinquency even during the pandemic allowing our dealers to get top tier pricing when selling their accounts.

TRG puts dealers first so you can use TRG as your sole capital provider or add us to your lender base for new customer accounts.

We care about helping you reach your short and long term goals. Whether you are looking to expand your current book of BUY-HERE-PAY-HERE business or brand new to the subprime market we have a program for you.

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